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Community Resources for Rat Owners

Rat owners may face difficulties in finding veterinarians who treat rats.  Thankfully, Richmond has a wealth of options for pet owners to receive care for exotic pets for both wellness visits and sick visits, in addition to 24 hour emergency care.  See below for some wonderful options available to us in the Richmond community.

* Note, due to COVID-19, hours and procedures may have changed, please contact these groups before walking in

Locke Taylor logo.png

Locke Taylor Veterinary Hospital

Drs Lynch and Greenwalt have seen and treated many rats throughout their careers.  Drs. Lynch and Greenwalt see rats on the Glen Allen location. They have extended hours from 6-8 on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will  neuter rats, but do not do spays.  Locke Taylor is not technically a low-cost clinic, but is much cheaper than other places that treat exotics.  They accept Care Credit and will go above and beyond to help your rat as best they can.  They are especially great if your rats get mites, URIs or other minor illnesses. Do not assume that because they charge less that your baby will receive lesser care! Locke Taylor has treated countless fosters and have performed MANY tumor removals and neuters for us and are very competent surgeons as well!

* Please note, due to COVID-19, hours and procedures may have changed


Wellesley Animal Hospital

While Wellesley may be a bit pricey, you get what you pay for.  There are multiple extremely competent and experienced vets who are happy to treat your rats, even if they have behavioral problems. They are capable of performing neurological exams, removing tumors, spaying/neutering, and more. They are kind, compassionate, and provide excellent care.

Pender logo.png

Emergency or After Hours Vets

Most emergency veterinarians in or around Richmond do not see rats to treat, but will make an exception to euthanize, though they may not let you be present. Dogwood, VRCC, and VCC all do not treat rats.

Pender Vet has location in Fairfax, Manassas, and Chantilly and all see rats on an emergency basis.

Stahl Exotics sees rats as well. They are very knowledgable and compassionate. They are located in Fairfax.

Stahl logo.png

Pet loss logo.jpg

Pet Loss Support Group

Fetch A Cure offers free group pet loss support sessions every month with Dr. Leslie Greenberg.  If you are struggling after the loss of a rat, you will be welcomed and understood at any and all meetings you choose to attend.  We are very lucky to have this resource in Richmond.


Cremation Services

Agape Pet Services has many beautiful urns and memorial items to choose from to make sure that your beloved rats are always with you. From necklaces to clay pawprints or nose prints, your companions will be treated with kindness and dignity as they make their way back home to you.

Founder's memorial for beloved rats Norman and Pickett

Standard urn and clay pawprints from Agape

The standard urns at Agape Pet Services say "In Loving Memory" and your pet's name. You are able to customize the front plate up to three lines

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